In order to provide additional useful tools and advice to a wide range of local governments, we also publish AGLG Perspectives Series booklets. We intend these booklets to be relevant to many local governments and others interested in local government affairs. They build from what is included in our performance audit reports to include information of much broader applicability.

We generally create an AGLG Perspectives Series booklet once we have undertaken a number of audits in a particular subject area. In addition to information we gathered in the course of conducting these audits, we also look to best practices elsewhere in preparing AGLG Perspectives Series booklets and consult with experts in the field as appropriate.


Improving Local Government Procurement Processes
Key considerations for local government council, board members and staff to help you Improve Local Government Procurement Processes through: Procurement Policy Enhancements, Procurement Performance Metrics and Reporting, and Vendor Performance Management.
January 2016Download
Policing Services Performance Assessment
This report presents a framework that municipalities can use as a starting point to help assess the quality, adequacy and cost effectiveness of the policing services provided to their communities through the RCMP or an independent police department.

This report is to help municipalities measure the effectiveness of policing, improve their oversight of policing services and enhance their management of police agreements and police budget oversight.
December 2015Download
Asset Management for Local Governments
Key considerations for local government council, board members and staff to help you manage your infrastructure assets.
July 2015Download
Oversight of Capital Project Planning & Procurement
Key considerations for local government council and board members.
April 2014Download