Annual Service Plans

Our Service Plans

Our service plans are published annually and describe the goals, strategic objectives and actions we will undertake over the next three years. The audit themes that guide our audit work over a three year rolling cycle are also included in our service plans. As part of our annual planning, we review our audit themes to ensure they consider any changes in the issues facing local governments.

Our service plans and annual reports combine to play a key role in ensuring our accountability to local governments, the Province of B.C. and all British Columbians. This document also fulfills one of our requirements under Section 22 of the Auditor General for Local Government Act.


2017/18 - 2019/20 Service Plan

This document sets out our plans for 2017/18 and the succeeding two years, with particular attention to 2017/18. During this time, we will continue to build on the office’s past work while striving to achieve our vision of being a valued resource for local governments and other stakeholders.

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2016/17 - 2018/19 Service Plan

This plan describes the work we will undertake over the next three years, with particular attention to 2016/17, during which we will move forward with new performance audit work and other initiatives aimed at working collaboratively and adding value for local governments.

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2015/16 – 2017/18 Service Plan

This plan describes the work we will undertake over the next three years, with particular attention to the 2015/16 year, during which we will undertake a thorough assessment of the office's approach and processes. This will lead to adjustments as necessary to ensure that the office fulfills its considerable potential to assist local governments in their accountability to taxpayers and in delivery of services efficiently, effectively and economically.

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2014/15 – 2016/17 Service Plan

This plan builds on what we have learned since the launch of our office in January 2013, including our work to date with 18 local governments on our initial set of performance audits. Our performance measures and targets have been updated to extend into 2016/17 and reflect what we learned during the past year. This year's service plan also includes the strategic framework we developed during our first full year of operation.

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2013/14 – 2015/16 Service Plan

The 2013/14 - 2015/16 Service Plan was developed in parallel with our 2012/13 - 2014/15 Service Plan. It contains additional performance measures and the same audit themes which extend to 2015/16. It also emphasizes our work to adopt good practices and establish credibility while continuing to build up the office.

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2012/13 - 2014/15 Service Plan

Prepared just a few weeks after the AGLG's appointment, this service plan is being released at the same time as our 2013/14 - 2015/16 Service Plan. Our inaugural service plan highlights the great deal of work involved in setting up an office, describes the AGLG's purpose, sets out our goals and objectives, and shares the themes and criteria that will guide our performance audits. It also reflects the importance we place on developing strong relationships with local government stakeholders and their role in helping shape the work we do.

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