Information for Local Governments

We assist local governments by conducting performance audits of local government operations and by publicizing best practices. Simply put, we provide local governments with recommendations to help them improve services to citizens.

The AGLG is meeting with as many local governments as possible to better understand their interests, concerns, goals, strategies and risks. We are sensitive to the varying levels of resources available to local governments and take this into account when carrying out performance audits.

About Performance Audits

Our job is to help local governments across British Columbia enhance their delivery of services efficiently, effectively and economically. By providing local governments with independent and unbiased information and advice, we aim to help local governments serve their citizens well.

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Planned Performance Audits

As outlined in the Service Plan, the AGLG is committed to completing three audits in the 2013/14 fiscal year, and up to five audits in each subsequent year. Find out about the audits taking place this fiscal year and the ones planned for next year.

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How the AGLG Works with Local Governments

There is more to what we do than conducting performance audits. We work closely with local governments, identifying and sharing best practices and serving as a resource to help them deliver value for tax dollars.

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Performance Audit Guide for Local Governments

Our Performance Audit Guide for Local Governments describes our work and the steps we follow in undertaking a performance audit. In addition to this guide we also have an introductory brochure that provides a brief overview of how the AGLG does its work.

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