The AGLG works with local governments on an ongoing basis – not just while conducting performance audits. We meet with as many local governments and stakeholders as possible throughout the year to better understand local government interests, concerns, goals, strategies and risks.

Examples of ways we work with local governments include:

  • Meeting with local governments – We meet with local governments, area associations and organizations that represent local governments to share the work of the office and gather input and feedback.
  • Meeting with stakeholders who have an interest in local government – we meet with various stakeholder groups such as BC Chamber of Commerce
  • Attending events – You’ll see us represented at events such as the annual UBCM Convention, connecting with local governments and building strong ongoing relationships.
  • Highlighting best practices – We are always looking to identify and share best practices we find in local governments across the province or in other jurisdictions through our Perspectives Series booklets
  • Audit planning consultation – In the process of our audit planning, we consult with local governments and stakeholders so that they can help us identify audit topics that are relevant and appropriate for local governments. This process involves various methods of soliciting feedback from local governments and stakeholders.



We are pleased to consider all requests for presentations. Please see below for examples of presentations done in the last few months.


March 29, 2017Regional District Chair/CAO Forum, Victoria BCRD Chair/CAO Forum Presentation
March 10, 2017Capilano University, Public Administration 202CAPU Presentation
February 23, 2017Vancouver Chapter of the Financial Management Institute of Canada (FMI)FMI Presentation
February 3, 2017Local Government Leadership Academy, Richmond BCLGLA Presentation