Why the AGLG

The Office of the Auditor General for Local Government (AGLG) was established through the Auditor General for Local Government Act, which was introduced in the B.C. Legislature during 2011 and came into effect on April 25, 2012.

The Office was created to assist local governments in improving their operations. We give advice and recommendations to local governments to help them deliver their services more efficiently, effectively and economically.

The Act states that the purpose of the Office is “to conduct performance audits of the operations of local governments in order to provide local governments with objective information and relevant advice that will assist them in their accountability to their communities for the stewardship of public assets and the achievement of value for money in the operations.”

We accomplish this by carrying out performance audits – also known as 'value for money' audits – and making recommendations. It is up to local governments to decide whether – and how – to act on these recommendations.

We also may undertake studies when we identify topics where many local governments benefit from our research into ways of creating improved value for money in operations or projects. Another important part of our work is publicizing best practices that we identify in our work. This way, many local governments may benefit by adopting practices that have been adopted by one or more others and that have proven to deliver particularly good value for money.