Meet the AGLG

Ms. Basia Ruta is British Columbia's first Auditor General for Local Government. A Chartered Accountant, she was educated at the University of Ottawa, is a member of the Ontario Institute of Chartered Accountants and has more than 30 years of notable experience in business and the public sector.

Ms. Ruta's most recent previous position was as Chief Financial Officer and Assistant Deputy Minister, Finance and Corporate Branch, Environment Canada, a position she held from 2006 to 2012. As part of that role, she led Environment Canada's participation in shared services initiatives, was accountable for ensuring proper stewardship over assets, security, contracting and Environment Canada's environmental management as well as for programs and processes supporting the department's governance, values and ethics regimes.

During the last year of her time with Environment Canada, she worked on interchange with the Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants, working on standard setting with the Auditing and Assurance Standards Board, the Public Sector Accounting Board and on guidance material for governance in the public sector.

Ms. Ruta has extensive other experience with auditing and related duties. In 1984, she joined the office of the Auditor General, where she achieved the position of Senior Principal, Audit Operations. During her last ten years with the Auditor General, she led several audits with reports tabled in Parliament addressing public accounts, financial risk management, governance and alternative delivery regimes at Revenue Canada and Transport Canada.

In 2000, Ms. Ruta became Director General, Corporate Planning, Governance and Balanced Scorecard with the then Canada Customs and Revenue Agency. In this role, she delivered the agency's first annual report. In 2003, Ms. Ruta became Acting Deputy Assistant Commissioner with the Customs Branch, where she oversaw a broad spectrum of operations, including leading key aspects of the transition of the branch into the new Border Services Agency.

In 2004, Ms. Ruta was appointed Assistant Comptroller General – Internal Audit. Among her achievements in this position was developing a new policy on internal audit that contributed to the transformation of internal audit across government and was considered on the leading edge of this field among governments world-wide.